Data entry CLERK

To undertake data entry tasks and responsibilities with close liaison and co-operation with the Head of
Department for Pre-Analytics and other department heads and staff ensuring that all specimens and
request forms received from clients, branches and collection centers are data entered into the Lab
Information System (LIS) in accordance with the procedures set down in the SOP’s which include the
entry of demographic information of patients, entry of doctor’s and billing codes, ordering of test
panel(s) and other core responsibilities as illustrated below but however not intended to be an
exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required by the said personnel which the Company
reserves the right to add, remove or modify assigned duties at any time

  1. To accurately enter the patient’s information as provided on the request form into the LIS which
    includes the patient’s demographic information, doctor’s code, billing code and other relevant
    information pertaining to the request made.
  2. To ensure that the correct tests) is being ordered for the patient based on the request for
  3. To check back completed entries for all information entered of the LIS against the request form
    to ensure the highest level of accuracy during data entry.
  4. To notify the Coordinator or Head of Department immediately for any discrepancies
    encountered during the entry of doctor’s, billing, or test code
  5. To clarify with client, branches /collection centers on any ambiguous information provided on
    the request form
  6. To scan all request forms and official receipts (if any) into the document management system /
    database and to file the hard copies according to the date of data entry
  7. To perform second checking for all data entry done according to the shift roster as scheduled
    by the Coordinator / Head of Department.
  8. To file claims for insurance and other related vouchers for reimbursement purposes.
  9. To attend to all queries made pertaining to data entry.

Job Category: Admin
Job Type: Contract Permanent
Job Location: HQ (Klang)

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